About Us

Something About Us

GlutenFreeCuisines (GFC) is a Web Based portal focused on providing stuff related to people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

GlutenFreeCuisines is already popular in raising awareness of the celiac disease.

Mission and vision

A society in which people having celiac disease and gluten sensitivity can live healthy lives, free from social shame, disgrace, and fear of gluten exposure – We catch and analyze top stuff related to Gluten-free Diets, Cuisines, Wellness, Recipes, Ingredients and products and lifestyle worldwide that matter to people.

Short History

GlutenFreeCuisines was founded in 2022. In the beginning just a blog but after some time transformed into an online Gluten Portal getting 30,000+ visitors every month.

Amelia is the chief editor of Glutenfreecuisines.net. A team of officials having 15 members is functional.